- Marketing Consultation

​How are you using the internet to tell people about your product?  Do you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web?  

Do you have someone at your company who responds to social media posts?  These are questions every company, large or small, should be asking themselves.

I take the time to learn about your company, your products, and most importantly - your goals.  

Through research, planning, execution, and performance analyses; we can show the marketplace who you are and why your product should be important to them!

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- Video/Photo Capture and Editing

​Do you need more than a product review?  Do you need footage of your product for advertisements?

We can provide a wide range of services including standard photography, macro photography, aerial photography, aerial video capture, slow motion video capture, standard video capture, and more!

Let us help you develop meaningful content for your clients and campaigns!

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- Independent Product Reviews

We offer Independent Product Reviews, of ANY product that you need to have reviewed.

Having a 3rd party explore the features, benefits, and even shortcomings of your product, can make the market readiness of that product crystal clear.  We have the ability to create videos and posts about your product, if desired, so you can gain feedback on what the public thinks about your product before launching it yourself.  

Clients find this advantageous for multiple reasons.  

Added exposure creates a bit of a buzz, if someone other than your company is talking about your product, it must really be exciting!

If there is an issue with your product, wouldn't you rather have the independent tester identify the fault, as opposed to a unhappy customer on social media?

People believe in independent reviews!

Go to any company's Facebook page and you will find trolls or doubters, who have no experience using that company's product, and probably do not even own it, saying it doesn't work.  

Those negative comments, can be detrimental to you gaining new business! 

By including independent reviews on your page that are highlighting your specific product, it will shut the trolls up, and prove that your product works. Reviews can really help create good faith in your company by showing the product, and the company, do what you say it will.

This information matters because it is not solely the company who is providing the information on product performance.  

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